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Emjoi Divine Epilator Hair Remover

Hair removal is something that has been going on for a while. From the ancient threading method to the current more sophisticated methods such as the use of Emjoi Divine Hair Remover. The human race has a tendency of appreciating beauty and condoning the reverse. In connection to this, people always try their level best to improve their looks. A beautiful skin is a huge element when it comes to considering beauty. We all want to have a radiant appearance and a smooth skin. Getting rid of unwanted hair is a pre-requisite when it comes to improving your skin's complexion. The popularity of epilators has been escalating in the recent past. Here is a review of this awesome hair removal product.

Everything about the Emjoi Epilator Divine Hair Remover is aimed at enhancing the performance of the epilator. The 36 tweezer discs are designed to remove faster than other hair removal products. Besides that the tweezers also guarantees a speedy, painless hair removal and a non-irritating experience that will leave you yearning for more. There are other procedures for hair removal such as waxing which have been dared for a long time simply because people have associated them with loads of pain and irritation. With this epilator, you do not have to worry about such unpleasant experiences.
 Patented skin glide technology
Since hair has a funny way of growing, the shaving and hair removal product is well furnished with a patented skin glide technology that is designed to lift up hair and takes care of the same. What you only need to do is to simply glide the epilator's tweezer disks over the skin. Hair is then lifted and removed causing you less irritation. The hair removal tool does this every time it is on use to guarantee consistency in delivery the best results.
  It is a well known fact that hair removal can be one painful experience. This is why some epilators come equipped with advanced features that go a long way in reducing that painful sensation.  As for the Emjoi Divine Hair Remover, it comes furnished with massaging fingers functions which are designed to hep minimize pain during the epilation process. The fingers work in such a way that after the epilation is complete, they run over the area massaging your skin to leave you feeling protected and comfortable.
  One cannot argue with the fact that a woman's body is well contoured. To help with the navigation through the curves, the hair remover takes on a contour design to aid in keeping the skin taut and greatly reduce the pulling effect which causes great discomfort.

Runs through charge quickly
  On purchase, the hair remover does not come with batteries which mean that prior to use, you'll have to purchase 3 AAA batteries. As mentioned above, the epilator has 36 tweezers meaning that it runs through charge quickly.

  Customers' reviews 

  Customers agreed on the fact that the Emjoi Divine Hair Remover is more than well worth the money and the pain. In as much it does not entirely feel good as you'll be removing hair, no one can say that the experience is painful. With practice, it becomes much easier to handle the epilator which in return improves the hair removal experience. The epilator works well even on the areas that are often considered as the highly sensitive ones.


  If you spent some times looking for a decent hair removal product, look no further, you need to consider the Emjoi Divine Hair Remover. This epilator works with the much needed efficiency to deliver outstanding results that will leave you feeling smooth and protected. The massaging fingers enhance comfort to make the hair removal process bearable.
 Our Rating:4.6 / 5 stars      

  If you spent some time looking for a decent hair removal product, look no further, you need to consider the Emjoi Divine Hair Remover. This epilator works with the much needed efficiency to deliver outstanding results that will leave you feeling smooth and protected. The massaging fingers enhance comfort to make the hair removal process bearable.

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Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is the only method of hair removal that marketers can call "permanent" as the FDA has approved this method of hair removal as a permanent solution.  And it is a permanent solution when done correctly as electrolysis physicall prevents the hair from growing back through various methodologies...

There are 3 Types of Electrolysis

Without bogging you down with too much information, I should just mention that there are three "modalities" of electrolysis hair removal:-

Galvanic Electrolysis - In basic terms, a practitioner places a very thin needle actually inside the follicle of the hair and then applies "direct current" at the root of the hair (otherwise known as the base or the matrix). The direct current (the same current that comes out of electricity sockets in the UK!) kickstarts a chemical reaction that permanently prevents the hair from regrowing again.Thermolysis Electrolysis - As you may have guessed from the name, this method of electrolysis involves heat.  Essentially, it's the same as the galvanic approach whereby a probe is inserted into the follicle, yet this time the current that is applied is alternating current (this is the same type of current that is ommitted from a plug socket in the US).  The alternating current creates vibrations in the follicle, which in turn heats up the base of the follicle and permanently disfigures it preventing future growth.Combination of the Above - The third and final method of electrolysis is literally a combination of the above in one.
The modality that's used for hair removal is largely subjective - it's dependant on the thickness and type of hair that the patient has. As someone receiving the treatment, it's not up to you to decide which method of electrolysis is best for you, rather the practitioner should decide on your behalf.

Are you Done Yet?

The major irritation with electrolysis hair removal is that it  You don't need me to try and describe how long it would take for a practitioner to go through every hair on your body with this electrolysis equipment one by one...

That's why electrolysis isn't very well suited for areas of the body that have large patches of hair.  The chest and the back are definitely not good places for electrolysis hair removal unless you have some serious spare money and a week to spare!   The previous sentence was meant as a joke, but in all seriousness, it actually probably would take that long to have your back hair permanently removed through electrolysis.

However, electrolysis is perfect for small areas of hairs.  For example, if you wanted your eyebrows sculpted - electrolysis would be perfect.

Time is Money...

Having your hair removed through electrolysis requires work from a skilled practitioner and that costs quite a bit of money.  When you consider just how long even a small chunk of hair can take to be removed then you can start to understand that electrolysis isn't really a cheap process.

If you want your eyebrows sculpted then you can easily pay $300 for that treatment.  But again - once you've had it done, the results are permanent so the cost isn't so eye watering all things considered.

What are the Negatives of Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Well there are a few, so I'll list them out for ya!

Risk of Infection - Strictly speaking, this shouldn't be a risk because you're practitioner should be hot on making sure the needle is sterilized.  In the past a few unlucky patients have caught infection from a practitioner with a poor attention to detail!Time Consuming - Take a look at your arm for a second and count how many individual hairs are on just one of your arms.  You're talking hundreds, if not thousands.  Now imagine putting a needle into each and every follicle on your arm and carrying out the electrolysis procedure.  This hair removal process takes serious time!Not Suitable for Large Areas - As a follow on from the point above - because the electrolysis process is so tedious and slow, it's impossible to cover large areas of hair like a chest or back.  This is a shame because it's the only known permanent solution for hair removal.Can be Painful - Let me just clarify...If you're used to waxing then you have nothing to worry about here!  However, the electrolysis hair removal process can be slightly uncomfortable - I wouldn't give it more than a 6 on the pain factor scale though.Here's what's Great about Electrolysis Hair Removal

There are a few really great things about electrolysis hair removal...Allow me to explain:

Permanent hair removal! - The FDA have approved this message!  Electrolysis hair removal is permanent!  You'll only ever need your hairs treated once for it to last a lifetime.  This is the only form of hair removal that is widely accepted to offer permanent results.Works on all types of Hair! - Laser hair removal is one of those hair removal methods that works well on certain types of hair (usually dark hair with light skin) but not so well on other types of hair.  With electrolysis, the results are pretty much consistent across the board no matter what type of hair you're treating.Great for Detailed Work - If you're looking to get small areas "touched up" (such as your eyebrows) then electrolysis is the perfect answer for that.  Also, if you have small areas of hair that you want permanently removed (such as underarm hair, for instance) then electrolysis is also good for that, too. Relatively Inexpensive - To have a session of electrolysis may cost a couple of hundred bucks, however when you consider that one session is enough for permanent hair removal then I'd consider that quite an economical method for hair removal (especially when you consider the cost of laser hair removal!).